Fiber Sheathing

As lighting & sensing products have decreased in size and become less invasive, Lifatec has focused on developing its core processes, allowing us to manufacture the smallest, most durable cable systems in the industry.

Our FIBER SHEATHING PROCESS is unique in the fiber optic industry; it allows us to:

  • Sheathe fiber optic bundles as small as 0.25mm in diameter.
  • Sheathe fiber optic bundles comprised of individual strands as small as 25Ám in diameter.
  • Use Sheathing with a wall thickness as thin as 40Ám.
  • Sheathe lengths up to 12 meters.
  • Use PVC or silicone, standard and thin-wall.
  • Sheathe fiber optic bundles with the least possible clearance between the jacket and the bundle, while still maintaining flexibility and durability.
  • Sheathe Fiber Optic bundles with NO damage to fibers.
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